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Magee Signs is Looking for an Sign Designer

Ability to handle all aspects and stages of the sign-making process including: measuring, producing proposals with estimates, designing, selecting materials, production, and installation.

Visit clients on-site to consult and measure the space for the sign, determine the size of sign letters/image that can fit into the space.

Consult with customer and develop a design in accordance with the wishes of the customer using Adobe Illustrator & Corel Draw and knowledge of graphic specifications for example vector & raster images.

Design signs for installation on a variety ion building wall surfaces (internal and external), a variety of vehicle surfaces (with curves and edges), and boats (also with curves and edges).

Select the right materials appropriate for the job, with knowledge of the durability of each material under the conditions to which it will be exposed. Select the right adhesive that will be used in order to attach the sign to the surface to ensure durable adhesion, or to ensure adhesion without damaging and leaving a mark on the surface.

Design signs based on knowledge of sign requirements inside & out, sign codes / ordinances / permits and of sign licenses, copyrights & intellectual properties.

Prepare proposals with price quotes for the assignment, bearing in mind the cost of materials, labor for sign production, labor for sign installation, business overhead, and profit margin. Review all drawings, proofs prior to fabrication to ensure accuracy and ensure proper materials are in stock.

Use Flexi-Sign-Pro software to guide vinyl letter cutting on a Mimaki plotter. Use the Roland Versa Works to print graphics on a Roland printer. Cut, weed, and mask vinyl letters.

Make sure signs are produced efficiently, on time, within budget and to quality standards. Carry out installation of the sign at the customer’s location.

High School Diploma / GED and 4 years of experience as a Sign Designer required.