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UV Sanitizer

Magee Signs is pleased to present a long term solution to a long term problem. As we navigate throughout this “New Normal” it is important that we as Business Owners convey to our Customers and Employees that their safety and wellbeing are our highest priority. For this reason, we at Magee stepped back and looked at our capabilities and tried to determine how we could help and impact our neighborhoods. We do not produce chemicals, we do not make medical masks, but we are experts at custom fabrication and lighting solutions.

We started our endeavor based on proven science and our current capabilities. We have designed a practical solution to hands-free sanitization. Our UV design can sanitize, shopping carts, hand baskets, tools, food, packages, and too many other items to list. Our concept is being presented as a Cart Coral to help reinforce how it applies to the retail market.

All UV applications are COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE to fit your specific needs. We can apply to existing structures, build new, or customize as the client sees fit. The intent is to provide a safe and clean environment with minimal effect on day to day operations. UV lighting is a safe and green option for sanitization. No messy chemicals to clean up and medically backed proven results.

Our Application also provides space for additional branding for you and your vendors. There are very few items you can purchase that truly show your customers and employees how much you care about their safety. The current situation will have long-lasting effects on how we approach our needs as a society, utilizing our sanitization process will ensure that your business is the one that everyone depends on because they see that you care enough to invest in their safety?

  • The UV Sanitizer from Magee Sign
    • Customers feel safe before they ever enter the store
    • Employees are safer coming to work every day
    • Customized to the Client’s needs and layout
  • Your Business becomes a visibly active partner in solving safety challenges set before us.
  • The Flu, COVID-19… Combat invisible pathogens during the customer’s handling process. The Sanitizer ensures safe handling of objects utilizing an existing technology that has proven successful in sanitizing commercial surfaces of all kinds.
  • Don’t be fooled: There are many types of UV lamps but only UVC lamps are germicidal.
  • What Is UVC Light? A short-wavelength, ultraviolet light that breaks apart and actually warps the structure of bacteria and viruses, preventing the viral particles from making more copies of themselves. As a result, a concentrated form of UVC is now on the front line in the fight against Covid-19.
  • Two sources of UVC:
    • Mercury-based lamps operating at low vapor pressure emit UV light at the 253.7 nm line.
    • Ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV-C LED) lamps emit UV light at selectable wavelengths between 255 and 280 nm.
  • UVC is currently employed in hospitals, air filtration, water sanitation, public transportation and even in barber shops and beauty salons to obliterate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
  • How long do objects need to stay exposed in the Sanitizer for the desired results? Exposure at 1 foot from the source disinfects 99.9% in just 20 seconds, 2 feet from source, 40 seconds, and at 3 feet, only 60 seconds.

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