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Sign Consultation and Design

The Survey:

Before we begin to suggest what sign type and configuration will work best, Magee Sign Service will survey your locations to ensure the design we produce meets with all local sign codes and ordinances. This ensures your sign design will give you the biggest bang the law allows!

The Design:

Along with the survey, Magee Sign Service’s talented sales staff will find out what you are trying to achieve with your new sign. It may be to Identify the business or location; or to Inform the drive by traffic. If your aim is to turn that drive-by traffic into drive-in customers then we have to ensure your design is Inviting! Our Art Department will transform your wants into a custom sign design to meet your needs.

The Brand:

You may or may not have branded your business. If you haven’t, Magee Sign Service will work with you to produce the logo and the look that best reflects who you are and what you do. If your business is already branded, Magee Sign Service can masterfully reproduce that brand and put it to work on your custom sign.