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About Magee Signs

Magee Sign Service, Inc. was established in 1982 to perform sign and exterior lighting maintenance for companies with multiple locations.


Services and installation capabilities include: interior and exterior illuminated signs, pylon signs, wall signs, and exterior lighting, including parking lot lights. Our service and installation vehicles are totally self sufficient and our manufacturing plant produces high quality custom and production signs of all types.


Our primary service area is the west coast of Florida, including Pasco County south to Collier County and east to Orlando; however we are capable of expanding to meet your needs. Magee Sign Service, Inc. is a state licensed sign contractor and can therefore work anywhere in the state of Florida.


For those customers who use our services exclusively; we offer Night Patrol services at no charge. All locations are surveyed at night twice a year to determine any needs. A complete and up-to-date service record is kept on every sign at each location so that if there is a recurring problem it can be located and corrected quickly without unnecessary expense. Also, billing is itemized by the sign or lights so that costs can be viewed per item.


Each employee must complete a specialized training program and an apprentice program. All employees are crossed-trained in every phase of the sign industry, which makes the company extremely flexible and better able to meet the needs of the changing market. Magee Sign Service, Inc. is a drug free workplace.