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Sign Installation and Maintenance

Service description:

Magee Sign Service provides professional sign installation. Our fleet of installation cranes and service trucks are manned by licensed professionals capable of providing the finishing touch to your sign project.

Sign Consultation and Design

The Survey:

Before we begin to suggest what sign type and configuration will work best, Magee Sign Service will survey your locations to ensure the design we produce meets with all local sign codes and ordinances. This ensures your sign design will give you the biggest bang the law allows!

Sign Design – Engineering – Permitting

Service description:

Free-standing and in some instances wall mounted signs require a professional engineer to calculate the stresses of wind loads on the sign. For your benefit signs in most areas must be designed to withstand wind loads between 130 and 150mph. The engineer will then seal the drawings and provide long-hand calculations to prove the work.

Sign Fabrication and Manufacturing

Service description

How we make you stand out!

Every sign is a custom sign at Magee Sign Service, that’s why all of our craftsmen are trained in the latest techniques to manufacture your sign in our facilities. From start to finish we use the highest quality raw materials specifically engineered for your custom sign. We invite you to come see your sign when it’s under construction and witness first hand the quality that goes in before the sign goes up.