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Sign Design – Engineering – Permitting

Service description:

Free-standing and in some instances wall mounted signs require a professional engineer to calculate the stresses of wind loads on the sign. For your benefit signs in most areas must be designed to withstand wind loads between 130 and 150mph. The engineer will then seal the drawings and provide long-hand calculations to prove the work.

Magee Sign Service is a State of Florida, licensed and insured electrical sign contractor. Our license allows us to apply for your sign permit in every county and city in the state.

We will assemble and submit the permit application package. With a survey of the sign location that you provide Magee Service will provide all of the necessary forms and documents needed to secure your sign permit. This includes the sealed engineer drawings an authorization letter from the landlord or property owner, and the notice of commencement. In addition to the application process Magee Sign Service will handle all inspections and plan review.